Abstract painting was always a key part of the design process for me, whether it was an initial expression of emotions and feelings, translated and interpreted into a space, a function or an environment. In Sumi-e every painting, even if defined as abstract, originates from the traditional - bamboo, orchids, etc.
The medium of Sumi allows me to explore different relationships of layers and compositions that are very subtle and almost accidental. The controlled strokes derived from the practice of the traditional subject matter lead to new and exciting images, forms and shapes. The experiment with the water, the ink, the rice paper and the brushes in countless trials may result in a surprise that could not have been predicted, premeditated or preconceived in the mind, making each painting unique and one of a kind.



The thought that approaching a blank sheet can bring a new image can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time making a good painting even more fulfilling.
Through the observation of the traditional calligraphy using its lines as components of the painting, admiration in its boldness and complexity, I try to learn, understand and combine it with my own emotions and state of mind, bringing that to the canvas.
I've come to realize that the road to a true understanding of this art is a lifetime pursuit that goes hand in hand with the study of the self. I think that is why these paintings engage both the artist and the observer in a very personal way and touches us so profoundly.