Einat Grinbaum was born in Haifa Israel and has been living in New York City since 1999. She studied drawing and painting as part of her Landscape Architecture studies in Israel, finding it a form of expression of environmental art and sculpture. During her studies she won several awards for design excellence as well as participating in award winning designs in her current work.
Landscape architecture has revealed a new world of Japanese garden art and philosophy, which was later expanded by traveling to Japan. In 1999 Einat moved to New York City continuing her work as a landscape architect. Following her fascination of Asian Calligraphy she began studying the art of sumi-e under the artist Koho Yamamoto. Through the traditional tutorage of Sensei and Student, starting with the traditional themes, she has aspired to combine the different influences and create something new.
Einat has participated in several group exhibitions in the US the most recent one in the Open Center in Soho and other venues such as Westbeth and Evergreen Gallery in New Jersey.
Her work is an array of abstract paintings and calligraphy as well as traditional subjects such as bamboo and orchid. Her paintings are part of private collections in the US and Europe.